How To Start a YouTube Channel - Beginner’s Guide to YouTube

Ali Abdaal started blogging in his early teen years.  He continued his blogging during his years at Cambridge Medical School (UK).  He was graduated and became a registered medical doctor yet he chose a career as a blogger and YouTuber (2017). Today I stumbled on his recent video, an excellent piece of presentation for people who start a youtube channel as a hobby, and people who want to do youtube as a business.  It is analytic, informative, and helpful. Trust you like it and benefit from it.

 Last night I was so excited at knowing that my Youtube channel  'Canada living - YouTuber, Blogger David Au'  hit 103 subscribers.  It brought me to the 100 subscribers mini-milestone. In fact, TubeBuddy contacted me to let me know that I hit the 100 subscribers milestone.  I told myself I would have a little celebration tomorrow morning celebrating this important mini-milestone.  It is the first baby step to the 1000 Subscribers milestone. 

The excitement was a concise one.  I was saddened the following day when I found the number of subscribers dropped from 103 to 94.  It was a surprise, and it was disappointing.  I searched for the answer from the internet, such as Quora and the Youtube community.  

I am new to TikTok. Just joined TikTok for a couple of weeks. As I just got 1700 followers. My goal is to grow to 30,000 by the end of March 2022 to drive traffic to my blog. I have to learn more about TikTok, grow it, and monetize it. I searched Youtube for related videos and learn from them. The above video is closely related to what I need. Hope it is also beneficial to you. Your comments are welcome.


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